broth|er «BRUHTH uhr», noun, plural broth|ers or (Archaic) breth|ren, adjective, verb.
1. a) the son of the same parents. A boy is a brother to the other children of his parents. »

He is in a family of four brothers.

b) the son only of the same mother or father; half brother. c) a son of one's stepfather or stepmother by a former marriage; stepbrother.
2. a) a close friend, companion, or countryman: »

my brother Jonathan (II Samuel 1:26). We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (Shakespeare).

b) U.S. a soul brother, such as a fellow Negro or one closely identified with Negro interests. c) a fellowman: »

Am I not a man and a brother? (Josiah Wedgwood).

d) (in the Bible) a kinsman.
3. a male member of the same church, union, or club: »

The church party was given by the brothers in the men's club.

4. a) a male member of a religious order who is not a priest: »

a lay brother.

b) a man belonging to a religious order which does not have priests.
5. a) a novice preparing for the priesthood. b) a friar.
6. a member of any of certain Christian sects calling themselves “Brethren.”
being in or of the same profession or calling: »

brother officers.

to treat or address as brother.
[Old English brōthor]
Usage The plural brethren is now archaic except in the names of several Protestant denominations, such as the Plymouth Brethren, and to designate fellow members of a church or organization.

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